Pizza, Peace & Politics – November 2016

gender pay equity gap by state

Let’s talk about gender pay equity! Mollie Papan, Human Resources manager for Heifer International, will join Maria Jones, President of AAUW and Abby Oliver, Community Relations Manager for the Center on Community Philanthropy at the Clinton School of Public service to give us information on the Arkansas Equal Pay Coalition.

From the Arkansas Equal Pay Coalition Facebook page: “AAUW-Arkansas is working on Equal Pay Solutions. We know many other groups around the state are also engaged on this topic. Our individual groups will be more effective when we combine forces. Our voices will be stronger and our efforts more efficient with larger numbers and a cohesive message.

Please join us as we work together, share successes and challenges, and learn about the steps our groups have underway. Provide the name of your group, and contact information. We will be in touch to follow-up on ways we can work together and support each other. This is just for information. The Coalition will be formed after we determine how much interest we have.”