From our Executive Director

Megan Amundson, Executive director of National WAND

We at Arkansas WAND wanted to share this statement from Megan Amundson, Executive Director of National WAND, on the appointment of H. R. McMaster as National Security Advisor:

“It remains to be seen how H.R. McMaster will execute U.S. national security policy on behalf of all Americans. Reports indicate that he was chosen, in part, due to pressure by more hawkish Republicans, such as Sens. Tom Cotton and John McCain. Moreover, while he has a long and esteemed military career, he is not an experienced policy-maker.

“It is important to have at least the appearance of a functioning executive branch. McMaster’s appointment certainly adds to that. However, the biggest question for the National Security Council, and the Trump administration in general, is: how much influence and autonomy will the National Security Advisor ultimately have when Steve Bannon is at every NSC meeting.

“As a woman’s organization, WAND remains steadfast in our opposition to Steve Bannon on the National Security Council. His anti-woman, Islamophobic, ethno-nationalist beliefs are already playing out in dangerous ways, including the immigration and refugee ban on Muslim-majority nations; the round-up of immigrants that is breaking up families across the United States; and the turn toward Russia and away from our traditional allies.

“Extreme ideology has no place in the White House. We hope that McMaster’s appointment marks a larger change, one in which the American people can have confidence that decisions about national security are made based on facts and input from all relevant and qualified stakeholders.

“Until Bannon is removed from the National Security Council, WAND will continue to monitor his influence through NSCwatch.org, a website designed to keep the public informed about troubling developments at the NSC and what they can do to express their concerns and hold their elected officials accountable.”


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