WAND/WILL Conference, Oct. 1 – 3

women outdoors at a march

“Women at the Seat of Power”

In these perilous times, meet and bond with progressive women to bone up on our message of  Diplomacy and Real Security!

The Conference in Washington, D.C. is a wonderful opportunity to meet WAND and WILL members from around the country and exchange ideas on how we can more effectively promote Diplomacy and Real Security.

Join us for an exciting and informative three days in Washington, DC! Our biennial conference is a unique opportunity to exchange strategies and ideas with fellow women legislators, community leaders, and Members of Congress from across the country. Our conference will feature:

  • Briefings with policy experts on cutting-edge issues
  • Strategic communications experts teaching you how to persuade your audience
  • State and federal budget challenges and solutions
  • Torchbearer Awards Reception honoring inspiring women leaders
  • Congressional Lobby Day and luncheon

Travel and lodging scholarships are available. Contact Samantha Blake (sblake@wand.org or 202-544- 5055 ext. 2605) for more information.

Register Now for scholarship aid.


The U.S. has spent  $8.89 trillion on nuclear weapons

How much is enough?