January 2018 Potluck

Happy New Year 2018

What is YOUR Pick for WAND’s New Year’s Resolution? Stop the Wars? Promote diplomacy and foreign aid? Eliminate poverty and hunger? Abolish Nuclear weapons? Pass safe gun laws? Health care for all? Fund solar and wind, not windfalls for Exxon and Boeing? 2017 gave us plenty of challenges!

One way to work toward those goals is to elect progressive women to sit at the tables of power. Katherine West, a founder of the Progressive Arkansas Women’s PAC, will tell us how we can help elect those courageous women who are running for office – several of whom are WAND members.

Bring YOUR RESOLUTION for WAND’s Actions for Peace In 2018!

January Pot Luck
Tuesday, January 9, 6:30 pm
2510 Hidden Valley Drive
Bread and Drinks Provided

Bring a prospective member and win a free WAND T shirt!