March Potluck with Susan Inman

Susan Inman, Democratic candidate for Arkansas Secretary of State

Susan Inman will be our speaker at our potluck dinner on Tuesday, March 20 at 6:30 PM: Be a part of Susan’s campaign to empower the citizens of Arkansas by protecting their right to vote!

Arkansas WAND is proud to announce that Susan Inman, the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State of Arkansas, is also a member of the Board of Arkansas WAND and will be our speaker. She is dedicated to supporting the voting rights of every single citizen of Arkansas and has the qualifications to carry that out. Susan has spent more than twenty years overseeing elections and protecting the voting rights of Arkansans. She is the only candidate in this race with experience in actually doing the job of Secretary of State.

Susan says, “We deserve fair elections where all Arkansans have the opportunity to make their voices heard and their votes counted. We must make it easier for eligible citizens to vote and not create barriers that prevent people from voting. As your Secretary of State, I’ll fight any efforts that make it harder for you to vote and I’ll always make sure your voice is heard.”

Now more than ever we need to elect a woman who understands the importance of voting in our democracy.