Meet Kai Coggin at our June Potluck!

Kai Coggin, poet, author and teacher

Come for an evening of Heart, Peace, and Passion as we hear from poet and author, Kai Coggin, of Hot Springs read from her poetry. “Her work is delivered with a rhythm, passion, perhaps some anger and plenty of confidence.” Kai found WAND on Facebook, and after praising our work for peace, added, “I write very much on the political climate (as well as women’s issues, love, and metaphysics) and try to offer hope despite all that is going on. If my words can help your cause in any way, please let me know! Thank you!”

Kai was born in Bankok, Thailand and raised in Houston. Her mother, a poet from the Phillipines, and her father, a journalist with Time magazine, met in Hong Kong. After earning a degree in creative writing, Kai has taught school in Texas and been twice named Teacher of the Year. She is very active with the Arkansas Arts Council, enjoys working with young poets, and conducts a Wine and Poetry session each Wednesday evening. Read more about Kai on her website.