October Pot Luck

Diane Haven

Diane Haven, former Arkansas WAND president, will share WAND news from DC where she is currently attending the national board of directors meeting. In addition to meeting WAND’s new Executive Director, Nancy Parrish, Diane is getting acquainted with WiLL members from around the country. She will share national’s “New Directions” and how we might respond here in Arkansas.

Why does the U.S. military budget matter to Arkansans?

Will spending a trillion dollars on smaller nuclear weapons make us safer?

What impact have U.S. drones made by killing innocent women and children in far off lands?

These are big questions being crowded out of the headlines these days, but they have a big impact on our peace and security. Come join the discussion on these questions and how we can more effectively support peace candidates in the coming election.

All are Invited!
Bread and Drinks Provided
Bring a Guest