Anti-War Workshop

Illustration of a dove pulling letters spelling out "Wage Peace"
Join the ACPJFriends Committee on National LegislationLittle Rock Quakers and other organizations as we present a Anti-War Advocacy Workshop.
Register Herehttps://act.fcnl.org/event/advocacy-teams/953/
Early registration will help the organizers plan the event.

People across the country are asking the same question: “What can I do to change what’s happening in the world?”

Your voice can make an important impact on federal policy. In-person meetings with your members of Congress are the most effective way to influence policy decisions. 

Change in Washington starts with you. 

Please join us for an advocacy workshop:
●    Influence your members of Congress and their staff through face-to-face conversations 
●    Drive the media coverage you want to see
●    Build a strategic team in your community that lobbies as part of a powerful national advocacy network

Join our 2019 Advocacy Team campaign to stop endless wars by urging Congress to reassert its constitutional authority. We are supporting legislation to repeal the AUMF and encourage public debate on all issues of war and peace.

Learn More: fcnl. org/advocacyteams