March Potluck

Dr. Ira Hefland and Sherry Simon, Ph.D.

If you missed Dr. Ira Helfand’s talk last Monday, be sure to attend this month’s potluck! We will discuss his narrative of how  how  the U.S. and Russia did agree to reduce their arsenals and how we can do it again. Our challenge as WAND is to  work together with Pax ChristiACPJ and our national peace groups in helping to prevent a nuclear war.  Sherry Simon, recently honored by the Arkansas Catholic magazine as “Arkansas Peacemaker of the Year,” will lead the discussion on his talk and Pax Christi’s project, Back from the Brink, about  things we can do, large and small, to prevent a nuclear war for our children and future generations.  The nuclear threat has not gotten the media attention that climate change finally has, but many of the solutions overlap. At least we can keep the public reminded of the critical nature of the nuclear threat.

We have many questions.  Here are a few:

  • How can your actions have any impact on nuclear weapons policy?
  • Should WAND change our name back to it’s original name, Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament?
  • Does my vote have any relevance for the future of our world?

Bring a dish to share

Bread and drinks provided

All are welcome!