Remember Hiroshima

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Remember Hiroshima: 75th Anniversary: Thursday August 6th, 7p.m. is an online, virtual commemoration of the 75th anniversary remembrance of the American bombing of Hiroshima. Presented by Arkansas WAND, Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice, Arkansas Peace Week, Pax Christi Little Rock and students from Pulaski Academy, the event is a reminder of the urgency to rid the world of living under thee threat of nuclear annihilation.

The program will include interviews, music, stories, short video, poem, and pleas for citizen action.  

Students from the Amnesty International chapter at Pulaski Academy will read stories of the Hibakusha, or survivors, of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings that killed over 120,000 people and fatally injured thousands  more.  They will also interview two women, Melisa Laelan and Faith Laukon, from the Marshallese community in northwest Arkansas. Their families left the islands after the U.S. testing of nuclear weapons there during the 1950s left the islands uninhabitable. 

Other speakers will include Tristan Norman and Dr. George Simon with Dr. Ira Helfand on video. Suzanne Michell will provide music and Jane Estes, Co-chair of the event, will moderate.   

The 75th anniversary should raise awareness of the consequences of testing and using the most powerful weapons on earth with emphasis on actions citizens can take to influence Congress to ensure the safety of the bombs in the U.S. arsenal. Congress also needs to cancel plans for a $2 trillion  modernization of those weapons. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the threat of a nuclear disaster by abolishing the weapons worldwide.       

Peace groups around the world will be commemorating the event from  August 6 through August 9 with church bells ringing, prayers for peace, and calls for citizens everywhere to sign the pledge to work toward worldwide nuclear weapons disarmament. U.S. leaders are urged to adopt a no-first use of nuclear weapons and repeal the sole authorization for the president to control the nuclear button.  The International Treaty to Abolish Nuclear Weapons introduced in 2017 has been ratified by 40 countries.  When 50 nations ratify the treaty, it will be illegal worldwide to build or possess nuclear weapons.    

“Hiroshima Remembered: 75th Anniversary” will be archived on YouTube for later viewing. For more information, contact PeaceWins.org.