About Us

Our History

WAND Inc. (Women’s Action for New Directions) was founded in the 1970’s by Dr. Helen Caldicott as Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament to educate people about the growing threat of a nuclear holocaust. When the Cold War ended, the name was changed and WAND concentrated on redirecting excessive military spending to the things that give us real security such as education, health care, environmental protection and homeland security.
Who is WAND? Visit the National WAND Web Site

  • Members and Supporters: – our core – more than 10,000 people nationwide who receive educational information, take part in actions, and support WAND’s work both financially and philosophically.
  • Chapters:  groups of energetic and concerned women who come together to bring WAND’s message to their local communities.
  • WiLL (Women Legislators’ Lobby): roughly 500 state legisltors from 49 states representing tens of millions of constituents. WiLL is the only multipartisan national network of progressive women state legislators working to influence federal policy and budget priorities. One out of every three women state legislators is a member of WiLL, and 20 former WiLL members are now members of the 107th Congress.
  • WAND Partners: organizations throughout the US linked with WAND to advance progressive public policies that redirect excessive military spending to unmet human and environmental needs. WAND’s Partner network currently stands at more than 675 groups and spans 34 states.
  • WAND PAC, WAND’s political action committee, supports progressive women candidates for the U.S. Congress who are members of WAND or WiLL.

Our Values

As members of WAND, we value the voices and leadership of women seeking peace, justice and security through informed participation in the democratic process.

We are women of all ages, races and creeds, with voices that are fresh and eager as well as seasoned and knowing, working in communities across the nation, seeking a world that is peaceful and just.

We know that women’s voices and leadership are key to effective, wise government. We believe knowledge requires action. We believe that by engaging in the governing process we can create a world that decides in favor of peace, equality and respect. We believe that listening to all people, across every line that keeps us apart, is an essential act with the power to transform.

We believe in the proactive spirit that moves us to work together to meet the needs of individuals, communities and the environment. We also believe that government must meet the needs of those who cannot care for themselves, for community endeavors that require public investment, and for a communal response to care for the environment.

We are women who value ourselves and each other. We trust our collective wisdom to act in ways, both personal and political, that move our nation from war to peace, from want to wholeness, and from fear to clear-eyed, informed action.

We are Women’s Action For New Directions.