Jane Cox Estes

Jane is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked as a Mental Health Therapist.

As a WAND member for over 10 years, Jane has attended the WAND conference in DC, and lobbied AR Congressional Representatives. Her activism has included serving on the boards of local peace and justice groups.

Jane’s mother’s influence on her for peacemaking started with individual humans:

“My mother’s work in the nursing field inspired my career in the social work field. Her compassion for those who suffered and needed help impressed me at a young age. When we were school age, She’d take my brother and I to the nursing home to visit the residents. I wasn’t thrilled with the smells, but mom’s interest in each patient and her modeling how to be with her patients, helped me learn how to be with older people. And overtime, it grew my empathy for those who suffer or are treated unjustly. For me this has segued to my involvement as a volunteer advocate and Board member with WAND and ACPJ, groups promoting activism for peace and social justice in our communities and world wide.”