Jaymie has recently joined us as a student board member. We will add her photo soon.

Jamie tells us this about her mom’s influence on her as a Peacemaker: “Beginning at a young age, my mother has inspired me to be ambitious and passionate no matter the goal I am working towards. Whether it is about winning a tennis tournament or advocating for human rights issues, she has continually encouraged me to utilize my strengths and pursue them in order to be successful in accomplishing my goals. Furthermore, she taught me to stand by what I believe in and empower those who are not able to do so themselves. As someone who was very soft-spoken, it was especially important that I learned early on to outwardly voice my opinions and be assertive when necessary. It is because of my mother that I developed a strong sense of motivation and willingness to take initiative. She ultimately inspired my passion for helping those who are vulnerable in society and bettering the world we live in.”