Poet Makes Nuclear Disasters Personal

Molly Bess Rector

We have a post-election treat! Poet, Molly Bess Rector, will share her interest in nuclear issues and read some of her award-winning poetry. Molly’s current work is aligns wonderfully with WAND’s interests and goals. You don’t want to miss this one!

Molly lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas where she co-curates the Open Mouth Reading Series—a community-based poetry series that hosts monthly readings by visiting writers. Molly grew up in Little Rock, attended Parkview High School and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. She is a fellow of the Edward Albee Foundation, where she was admitted to the summer residency program in 2016. She earned her MFA in poetry from the University of Arkansas and currently works as project editor for the University of Arkansas Press. She has received many honors for her poetry and has been awarded a grant by the Artists 360 program to write poems exploring the human elements of nuclear technology.

Molly will complete a poetry collection that examines the human relationship with nuclear science as it is used in both energy production and armament. These poems will personify the results of nuclear disasters and work to create a concrete and intimate connection between individual people and this powerful technology.

Bring a dish to share
Bread and Drinks provided
All are welcome!

Tuesday, November 13th, 6:30 p.m.

2510 Hidden Valley Drive, Little Rock