Veronica is a new student board member. We will add her photo soon!

Here is what Veronica has to say about her mother’s influence on her interest in peacemaking:

“Growing up, I was privileged enough to witness my mother’s generosity firsthand. Her dedication to community service and giving back shaped my childhood, and as I got older, I was able to help alongside her. She maintained the belief that making a direct impact on someone’s life was the most important aspect of her work, and as I developed my own beliefs, those ideals she instilled in me took root in a different manner than I think she expected. I was pushed and encouraged to be strong and intelligent, but I don’t think she expected me to take a keen interest in politics or global affairs. She, herself, isn’t really politically minded, preferring to aid people through direct intervention instead of influencing change. As a Black woman, she didn’t have as many role models as I have, nor did she have the type of support that I do. Although she doesn’t always understand my goals or the causes I champion, she supports me in every endeavor and ensures to let me know that my ideas are valid. I have never once doubted that I deserved a voice just like anybody else in a world that isn’t always kind to women like myself. Strong female role models are fundamental, and I am so endlessly grateful that I had one in my own home growing up. She cultivated an environment for me full of support, allowing me to go forth knowing that the most important thing in life is to fight for something bigger than myself. It is because of my mother that I have the courage to be a peacemaker and the knowledge that one woman can make a difference.”